Trusted CEO Confidante

Even in the face of intense scrutiny, and the emotional and mental weight of leading a multi-million-dollar company. . . you are first and foremost a human being with human needs.

You feel – you fear – you fail. . . but you must still remain solid for your customers, strong for your employees, and a shield for your family.

So, where do YOU turn?

You are not looking for a therapist – you probably already have one. You yearn for:

  • someone with experience who sees you and your business from a holistic objective perspective
  • someone who can provide confidential guidance, encouragement and accountability
  • someone strong enough to shoulder the load, bold enough to speak hard truths… and confident enough to push you to your best.

Imagine having a private advisor that can help you with decisions; evaluate operations and pricing; keep you accountable, focused and on track; and ensure you maximize your capacity to manage the challenges of being the CEO as your company soars to new heights.

When you are in a position of great power, having a trusted ally can significantly impact your ability to pivot with sound insight to consistently Leverage, Maximize & Influence.

In the Time it Takes to Blink. . . Your Multi-Million-Dollar Company Can Come CRASHING Down!

The challenges in the Service Industry are not the same as they were a few years ago. Your competition is stiffer, everything is moving faster, and customers are more demanding.

Today, we live in an age where exceptional service is expected; and every single time your company fails to deliver an amazing experience. . .

  • You Lose Customers
  • You Lose Referrals
  • You Lose Dollars

In other words, for every customer lost. . . You Are Sending Your Competition A Very Expensive Gift!

My clients call me The Profit Finder because I find profit trapped inside your company and I set it free – and there’s one thing I know. . .

. . . You may have the best branding, marketing, merchandising, pricing and sales. . . but behind closed doors your multi-million-dollar infrastructure is messy.

When companies bring me in to conduct a Profit Finding Audit™, I always find profit trapped in one or more areas:

Our expert consultants know what it takes to grow a company. We look beyond “what” happened – to determine “why” it happened.

Our expert consultants know what it takes to empower people in the workplace. We look beyond “performance” – to understand “behavior”.

Our expert consultants know what it takes to increase productivity and quality. We look beyond the work being done – to “how” the work can best be done.


Are You Wasting Time Trying To Fix The Wrong Profit Problem?

Find out in less than 5 minutes. Guaranteed!

Influence is not “who you are or who you know”
Influence is not “what you do or what you have”
Influence IS Walking In your. . .
You love your life and are grateful for the many blessings; yet you are experiencing a persistent feeling in the pit of your stomach. Something is undoubtedly missing and you find yourself asking “Why am I here?”


History has shown you that in order to reach a new level of success. . . more will be required. As you prepare to leave your comfort zone for the next Big Dream. . . you self assess by asking “How am I leading?”


Your multi-million dollar company is doing well. Now your priorities have changed and you want more. . . you expect more. When you look at the rest of your life and beyond, you ask “What am I building?”


Live The Legacy You Want To Leave™



About Linette Montae


Linette Montae leads the service industry as a highly sought-after Trusted CEO Confidante. Her clients call her “The Profit Finder” because she finds profit trapped inside multi-million-dollar companies and sets it free.

Linette’s degrees in psychology; executive leadership; performance improvement; and law; along with her natural gift for systems thinking and decades of improving business infrastructures. . . quickly positioned her as the “go-to” Fractional COO Advisor with a passion for designing premium customer experiences.

When not steering the helm at Legacy Influencer℠, Linette Montae can be found traveling the globe conducting Profit Finding Audits™, facilitating CEO Influencer Roundtables, serving as momager for two young adult entrepreneurs, and supporting her philanthropic interests.

In addition to being a national speaker, award-winning results strategist, and real estate investor. . . Linette Montae has authored two books, been published in various magazines, and featured on TV and radio.

The secret to maximizing profitability is to scale your infrastructure so your company intentionally and consistently exceeds customer expectations! ~ Linette Montae

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