The Profit Finder™

Dr. Linette Montae leads the franchise industry as a Profit & Performance Expert.

“My clients call me The Profit Finder™ because I find profit trapped inside your franchise and I set it free.”

As an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and award winning results strategist, Dr. Montae’s education in psychology, executive leadership and performance improvement, along with her decades of experience, positions her as a highly sought after operations consultant for women who franchise.

"The best way to increase profit margins is to increase Repeat Customer Revenue™ - and both require a high performance infrastructure."

When Dr. Montae is not traveling the globe conducting Profit Finding Audits™ and Customer Experience Audits™, she can be found hosting exclusive invitation only ShePower events for high-level women. In addition to authoring two books, she has been published in various magazines, and featured on TV and radio.

Leading the industry in Empire Building & Leadership Mastery for high-level women

I am highly skilled at evaluating and building successful strategies to improve Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Operational Excellence.

I most often begin by conducting a Profit Finding Audit™ and/or a Customer Experience Audit™ to examine your infrastructure's flow to the customer and how it impacts company profit, directly and indirectly. Once I know what is being done and the intended why, I share my findings with recommendations for a high impact strategy to improve company operations. 

At this juncture, there are a few ways to proceed and they all lead to customizing and implementing a profitability plan. 

I can lead the implementation process while you focus on what you do best. I love these contracts because it makes full use of my gift for systems and my passion for customer experience. In fact, it is very common for companies to contract with me to serve as Chief Operations Officer (COO) or Director of Operations. . . for a specific length of time (averaging 9-12 months).

Or you can lead the implementation process and invest in consulting and/or follow-up audits, by appointment. I love these contracts because it allows me to use a larger variety of skills. It is very common for companies to contract strategic assistance with Hiring & Onboarding, Company Culture, Operations Manual, Team Training & Development, Customer Journey, and Voice of the Customer.

I have spent more than two decades as a business results strategist - working with a lot of amazing women entrepreneurs and c-suite executives. And over the years, I taught the same strategies and provided the same guidance - and they were all smart, talented, passionate and committed to building a successful company.

Yet some achieved their profit goals and some did not. So, why the disparity?

Many believe it is fear of success or fear of failure. But that is only part of the truth.

After years of trying to understand the problem, I experienced a personal challenge that revealed the full truth behind what cannot be seen with the logical mind. Your obstacle IS the result of fear but it goes so much deeper than an old cliche.

Simply put, high-level women achieve more with ShePower™!

ShePower™ is NOT about "what" you do. . . 
ShePower™ is NOT about "who" you are. . .
ShePower™ is all about "HOW" you are being!

When you truly understand that- you can Lead with Unapologetic ShePower™ in business and in life. 

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