[Ask Dr. Linette] What follow-up systems have you tried that you liked?


Hi Linette, What followup systems have you tried that you liked? I’m in the middle of researching this and would love your input. Warmly, Jana Beeman (http://www.createyourdreampractice.com/)   Hi Jana, Nice to meet you and what a great question! But here’s the problem. One Size Does Not Fit All! Choosing and even recommending a system…

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[SHE Power Teen] What teens need to succeed – Part 2 of 6


If you missed What teens need to succeed- Part 1, read that post first. Last time I talked about the importance of teaching teens to have a Plan A, B, C, D and E. Now that I have gotten that off my chest, let’s begin with the five things teens need to succeed. I use a lot of…

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[SHE Power Biz] 24hours – 48hours – 1 week – 3 weeks . . . and still nothing!


I can tell you the importance of  “follow-up” until I am blue in the face so instead I want to share something that just happened to me. I hope the lesson makes a difference in your business. Yes, I truly understand how you feel about follow-up. You know it needs to be done but you are…

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[SHE Power Biz] This marriage will take you from being a Stage 1 Business Owner to a Stage 2 Entrepreneur

SHE Power Zone-P3 image-3-601x197

I have been working with business owners for 2 decades and even though we now have this fancy thing called the Internet, there are still basic principles that ring true when building a business. And the first thing you must know is the business stage you are currently in because that will determine where you…

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[SHE Power Biz] Here’s the fastest way to business failure

Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork

“I can do it” “I don’t need any help” “I can save money by doing it myself” Do these phrases sound familiar to you?  If so, you are in danger of running a “one man show” which can quickly lead to your business failure.  This is especially true if you have a service business.  One…

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[SHE Power Teen] What teens need to succeed – Part 1 of 6

I am so honored to have great kids. Although you hear most about my 16-year-old daughter, Danette, who just launched her first fashion line for teens and is an entrepreneur, 2 time author, national speaker, actress and model . . . my 22-year-old son, DJ, although more of a low-key kinda person – is an…

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[SHE Power Biz] Can you guess this success word?

puzzle piece

Fact One: __________ are the foundation that will support all of your business activities.   Fact Two: good __________ will give you more time to enjoy life. (Whoo Hoo!) Fact Three: developing __________ will skyrocket your profit and productivity. (Ka-Ching) Fact Four: without effective, efficient and adaptable ___________ in place, your business will not thrive.    So, what do you think? Post…

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