The Woman

As an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and award winning business results strategist, Dr. Linette Montae leads the consulting industry as a Profit & Performance Expert, and is also well known for her women’s leadership experience entitled ShePower™.

Dr. Montae holds a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Executive Leadership and a PhD in Training & Performance Improvement. It is this optimum trifecta and decades of experience that position Dr. Montae as a highly sought after Operations Consultant for franchise owners and 7-figure entrepreneurs. When you implement her P3 Profit System™, your business will run smoothly, your team will function effectively, and you will increase customer loyalty.

Dr. Montae travels the globe speaking, consulting and hosting exclusive invitation only events for high-level women. In addition to authoring two books, she has been published in various magazines, and featured on TV and radio.

Leading the consultancy industry in Profit Building & Leadership Mastery

The Expert

I am highly skilled at evaluating the current status of your internal operations and building successful strategies to increase company profit.

My 6-point “Profit Finding” Audit examines workflow structure and how it impacts your company profit, directly or indirectly. Once I know what is being done and why, I share my findings and offer advice on how to improve company operations. At this juncture, there are a few ways to proceed and they all lead to developing and implementing your company’s profit plan. 

I can lead the implementation process while you focus on what you do best. I love these contracts because it makes full use of my gift for systems and my passion for customer experience. In fact, it is very common for companies to contract with me to temporarily serve as Chief Operations Officer (COO) or Director of Operations.

Or you can lead the implementation process and invest in my consulting advice by appointment. I love these contracts because it allows me to use a larger variety of skills.

I have spent over two decades as a business results strategist, and worked with a lot of amazing women entrepreneurs. I taught the same strategies and provided the same guidance - and they were all smart, talented, passionate and committed to building a successful company.

Yet some women achieved their profit goals and some did not.

You may believe your business challenges come from a fear of success or a fear of failure. But that is only half right.

So, why the disparity?

After years of trying to understand the problem, I experienced a personal challenge that revealed to me the truth behind what I could not see with my logical mind.

Your obstacle IS the result of fear but it goes so much deeper than an old cliche.

High-level leaders achieve more when they Lead with Unapologetic ShePower™!

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