Did Hewlett Packard (HP) provide a First Class Customer Experience™?

After 8 days, the WiFi card and leap motion program crashed on my brand new HP laptop. Here is my experience with HP’s customer service department: (1) I spent 2 hours clicking and testing and following directions via the live tech person. First Class Experience: take remote control of the customer’s laptop and complete the troubleshooting process.…

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2 lessons about follow-up that will improve your customer experience and increase profit

Follow-up is a critical piece of the customer experience.  Here’s what happened: I am choosing between 3 companies to handle an upcoming project. I have no direct experience with any of the 3 but each comes as a trusted recommendation. I visited each website to gather as much information as available and although one site had…

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How can your company use my customer experience at Priority Honda?

I took my mom’s car to Priority Honda because the air conditioner was blowing hot air. Most of my experience was uneventful. In fact, I felt the service professional who checked me in could have been a bit more friendly. The car was checked, I was given the details of the problem and cost for fixing. I paid the…

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