Feminine Leadership Energy is our legacy™️

For so long, women have been defined by the labels given to us and the societal expectations that come with them.

As daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, and leaders… we were bombarded with what others believed we should do, say, eat, wear, and think.

In response, we put on a superwoman cape and set out to show the world something that did not require proof.

Dear Top-Tier Leader and High-Profile Trailblazer,

💠  You naturally possess vision, determination, and unwavering resolve.

💠  You authentically exude kindness, empathy, and inspiration.

💠  You freely inherited strength, poise, and grace.

Now I invite you to embody the feminine qualities that make us who we are… for this is the true celebration of our leadership power!

I see you! I understand you!

And I am the best Trusted Confidante in the world to advise you!

💠 You can be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy… the superwoman cape is no longer desired!™️

Top-Tier, High-Profile Leaders

Trailblazers & Disruptors

High-Level Executives

Trusted Confidante

Influence is not “who you are or who you know”

Influence is not “what you do or what you have”
Influence is “holistic leadership that positively transforms the present and impacts the future”

As a Trusted Confidante & Legacy Influencer®, Linette Montae is best in the world at curating Happy, Healthy & Wealthy feminine leadership lifestyles for top-tier high-profile trailblazers!

Her approach to feminine leadership embodiment is based on her core belief that you “leave a legacy” by living a life that aligns with your desires for…

  • more freedom to enjoy the luxuries of success
  • more time to indulge in a leisurely lifestyle
  • more alignment with your feminine power

Linette Montae personally mentors a select few top-tier high-profile leaders and trailblazers to intentionally experience a level of happiness, health, and wealth that your next BIG audacious desires are made of…

superwoman cape no longer desired!

It Runs In The Family

Meet Linette Montae and DJ Nixon, the mother-and-son team at the helm of the family empire.

Profitable Empires™ is the leading luxury media and publishing company, exclusively serving the unique needs of accomplished female Founders, elite executives, and high-level leaders who are poised to elevate their voices, visibility, and marketplace value. Our bespoke services include:

  • Precision Book Publishing
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  • Expert Branding & PR Services
  • Tailored Visibility Strategy and Media Collateral
  • A Personalized Speaker/Author MAP (Monetization Action Plan)

Plant Balanced™ is a holistic luxury lifestyle company dedicated to our belief in a tailored balance of health, life, and wellness.

We promote Adjustments Without Judgement® – a lifestyle that is healthy, sustainable, and aligns with your values and goals.

  • The Plant Balanced™ curated business directory empowers conscious audiences to make informed, personalized choices from ethically and environmentally responsible products and services.
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Speaker & Author

Linette Montae is a highly sought-after presenter whose excellent credentials, credibility, and “call it like it is” style have instilled great learning and results all across the globe.

Linette Montae has extensive experience presenting to women leaders, small business owners, and corporate executives – delivering actionable challenges through her learning and laughter style.

Audience members have described Linette Montae, also known as “The Game Show Speaker,” as being “down-to-earth,“ “knowledgeable,“ “fun,” and “genuinely interested in our success.”

Linette Montae is on a mission to share her message that female Founders, elite executives, and high-level leaders can Live the Legacy you want to Leave™!

📚 In Linette Montae’s first book, “Passion Won’t Pay the Bills™,” she teaches emerging entrepreneurs how to build a business that makes money and makes a difference.

📚 In her second book, “21 Ways to Add $100,000 to Your Business™”, Linette Montae shares strategies to help established entrepreneurs add multiple income streams to their profit plan.

📚 Now, after a writing hiatus, Linette Montae is preparing to release her book for elite Founders and CEOs. Stay tuned for “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy… superwoman cape no longer desired!™”









Linette Montae is passionate about empowering women and girls with the knowledge, tools, and opportunities to grow beyond their circumstances and rise as strong leaders.

In addition to donating money to a variety of causes, Linette Montae also donates time in the form of speaking, coaching, and mentoring . . .

To help Domestic Violence & Abuse Survivors remain free from mental, physical, and emotional bondage to pursue their goals and live their dreams.

To help women start and build viable businesses that enable them to thrive and improve the economic climate in which they live.

To see teen girls “Inspired to Believe & Empowered to Lead!” because we believe “given the right space, tools, and training; ALL teens can succeed”.

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